"And if they commit a gross sin, they say, "We found our parents doing this, and GOD has commanded us to do this." Say: GOD never advocates sin. Are you saying about GOD what you do not know?" (Quran 7:28)

This is NOT Islam!

This is NOT Islam!

"The adulteress and the adulterer you shall whip each of them a hundred lashes. Do not be swayed by pity from carrying out GOD's law, if you truly believe in GOD and the Last Day. And let a group of believers witness their penalty." (Quran 24:2)

How on Earth have we gone from a 'maximum' punishment for public adultery of 100 floggings, to a barbaric and cruel penalty of death by stoning?.

The reason we say 'public' adultery is because according to GOD's law, it takes 4-witnesses to see the event of adultery, which makes this only realistic in cases of people having sex in public.

"Those who accuse protected women of adultery, then fail to produce four witnesses, you shall whip them eighty lashes, and do not accept any testimony from them; they are wicked." (24:4)

The answer for the above question is actually quite simple:

The people who claim to be 'Muslims' (Submitters to GOD) are in-fact Submitting to anything 'but' GOD by taking laws He has never decreed and FALSELY attributing them to Him (be He Glorified!).

"Shall I seek OTHER THAN GOD as a JUDGE, when He has revealed THIS BOOK FULLY DETAILED? ....The word of your Lord is COMPLETE, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words; He is the hearer, the omniscient. Yet, if you obey the majority of people, they will take you away from the path of God. That is because they follow CONJECTURE, and they fail to think." (6:114-116)

The words of GOD through the Quran tells us that the only 'authorized' law is the one contained in His book and in His words...Thus, the people who profess a supreme love for GOD and His Messenger, yet take their laws from any 'but' GOD, will in-fact be declared as GOD's enemies and will face serious consequences!.

"Say (O Prophet), 'Whose testimony is greater?' Say, 'God is the witness between me and you that THIS QURAN was given to me to preach it to you, and to whomever it reaches.' However, you certainly bear witness that you set up other gods beside. Say, 'I will never do what you are doing; I disown your idol-worship.'" (6:19)

The 'irony' in this matter, is that the only people who threaten to use stoning in the history narrated to us by GOD are the enemies of GOD and His Messengers:

  • Noah threatened with stoning by disbelievers (26:116)
  • Abraham's father threatens Abraham with stoning (19:46)
  • Men in the cave scared of stoning by disbelievers (18:20)
  • The three messengers threatened with stoning by disbelievers (36:18)
  • Shu'aib threatened with stoning by his people (11:91)

To read on the origins of 'stoning' in the Bible, click here.

To read a lengthier paper on the Quranic laws of adultery, click here.

How can you help?.

As Muslims we are required to Submit only to GOD's laws contained in His Holy Book, and not the laws invented by men and claimed to be from GOD. We seek your help in making these simple yet important facts about our religion known to those around you...By making this little information known, you may stop the brutal and tragic death of innocent people FALSELY done in the name of our Almighty Lord.

"...And anyone who saves a life, it shall be as if he saved the lives of all the people..." (5:32)

1. Tell a Friend.

Please enter as many of your friends e-mails as possible, and we will send them an invitation to visit the Muslims Against Stoning! website:

2. Send a Letter.

We have prepared a letter which outlines the crime of stoning especially when it is falsely attributed to GOD. The countries listed are the ones that still engage (to our knowledge) in the Shariah laws which they claim is from Islam!.

President / Leader
1. Sudan
His Excellency Lieutenant General Omar Hassan al-Bashir
President of the Republic of Sudan
2. Egypt
His Excellency Mohammed Husni Mubarak
President of the Arab Republic of Egypt
3. Saudi Arabia
King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz
Custodien of the Two Holy Mosques
4. Jordan
King Adbullah II
King of the Hashemite Kindom of Jordan
5. Nigeria
His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo
President of the Republic
6. Iran
His Excellency Mohammed Khatami
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
7. Afghanistan
Ambassador: Dr..Abdul Ravan Farhadi
Ambassador for Afghanistan in New York
8. Pakistan
General Pervez Musharraf
President & Chief
Executive of Pakistan

Please copy the letter into your e-mail and send it to the governments of the countries listed above that still engage in this belief (make sure to amend the sections of the letter that have been marked)

3. Sign a Petition.

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